Solvay Biomass Energy to cease all its activities including production of torrefied  wood pellets in the U.S.


Quitman, July 12th 2016 – Solvay Biomass Energy (SBE) announces today that it ceases all its operations and consequently the production of torrefied wood pellets at the Quitman plant. This decision is effective immediately.

Since its creation in 2014 SBE has been focusing on the development of torrefied wood pellets and their production on an industrial scale to make this innovative and renewable energy technology commercially available as a complement or substitute to coal used in power plants.

While SBE succeeded to produce high quality torrefied pellets, the activity has faced a slow market development. In a context of persisting adverse market conditions and after two years of industrial and commercial developments, SBE recognizes that it is no longer able to operate profitably and therefore it ceases all of its operations, including the production of torrefied wood pellets at the Quitman plant.

Solvay Biomass Energy, a joint venture between Solvay Energy Services and New Biomass Holding, is a renewable energy company that specializes in developing and operating torrefied wood pellet facilities. Our versatile equipment can produce material in a wide range of energy densities, making us uniquely qualified to provide the optimum biomass solution for our customers’ renewable energy needs.

Alexandra Pellegrin
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