canstockphoto7999024Solvay Biomass Energy’s unique and versatile equipment is capable of producing material in a wide range of energy densities, from premium industrial wood pellets to high-energy and torrefied pellets. This enables Solvay Biomass Energy to offer pellets of varying energy content to meet the diverse needs of potential buyers. The equipment is also capable of torrefying a variety of biomass feedstock materials, including wood chips, bagasse, and energy crops such as Miscanthus.

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are an energy dense product of uniform size and low moisture content. These pellets have higher energy to volume ratios and greater portability, storability, and durability than raw wood. Our wood pellets are created by drying the raw material to approximately 10% moisture, then grinding and compressing the dried material into pellets for efficient handling and transportation. Our wood pellets have a net caloric content of 17 gigajoules (GJ) per metric ton.

Wood pellets are used in a variety of applications and we can produce pellets that meet standard specifications for both industrial and residential use.

High-Energy Wood Pellets

High-energy wood pellets are pelletized under pressure using a combination of dried wood chips, lightly torrefied wood chips and a small amount of non-carbon based binder. High-energy pellets have an energy content between 18.5 and 19.0 GJ per metric ton and are more impervious to water and biological deterioration than conventional white wood pellets. Thus, they are less expensive to ship per GJ and easier to handle and store than white pellets. Solvay Biomass Energy is the only company in the world currently able to produce high-energy pellets.

Custom Biomass Products

We understand that each biomass application has its own unique requirements. Our technology enables us to produce a wide variety of biomass products that can be customized to your specifications for characteristics such as energy density/caloric content, feedstock and pelleting parameters. We look forward to developing a custom energy solution for you.