Commercial Scale

Located in Quitman, Mississippi, the Quitman Plant is the largest torrefaction facility in North America and the first to operate commercial scale reactors. The plant can produce wood pellets, torrefied pellets, and a hybrid product called high-energy pellets, made from both regular and torrefied wood chips.

Focused on Safety

The health and safety of our employees is of utmost importance. Solvay Biomass Energy’s workforce is well trained and dedicated to excellence. HSE and Maintenance Management Systems are in place to ensure all employees are proficient, diligent, and absolutely committed to safety at every level.

Sustainably Sourced

We are deeply committed to sustainability. We use forest and sawmill residuals in our pellets, as well as other materials not usable by sawmills. This creates a valuable use for pre-commercial thinnings and by-products of existing forestry activities that may otherwise go to waste. We have obtained third-party certifications for responsible forestry and wood sourcing; see our Sustainability Policy and Certifications for more information.

High Quality

Producing high quality biomass products is very important to us. The control and measurement systems installed at the plant are highly automated and computerized to produce optimum output in an energy efficient manner. In addition, regular testing of our products is performed both in house and also by third party labs off site.

The Quitman Plant