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Torrefied Wood Pellets

Solvay Biomass Energy is the leading provider of torrefied wood pellets.

Torrefied wood pellets are a renewable alternative to coal.  Our pellets have energy content and handling characteristics that are similar to coal and can be co-fired in any percentage up to a complete conversion.  Click here to learn more


About Us

Solvay Biomass Energy is a renewable energy company that specializes in developing and operating torrefied wood pellet facilities. Torrefied biomass, which handles and burns similarly to coal, is produced through torrefaction, a process that modifies the chemical properties of waste wood and biomass. Torrefied biomass can replace or be co-fired with coal, enabling power plants to immediately generate clean energy without a lengthy or expensive conversion.

Our versatile equipment can produce material in a wide range of energy densities, making us uniquely qualified to provide the optimum biomass solution for our customers’ renewable energy needs. Solvay Biomass Energy is a joint venture between Solvay Energy Services and New Biomass Holding.

solvay-logoSolvay Energy Services is a global business unit of the Solvay Group, specializing in energy and CO₂ management, and in the implementation of new solutions to fight climate change. Located in 14 countries, Solvay Energy Services manages about 800 million euros of energy purchases and develops third parties activities in the field of energy and CO₂ efficiency, renewable energy and biofuels.

nb-logoNew Biomass Holding LLC is a green energy developer targeting high quality, sustainable clean energy solutions. New Biomass founded and developed the first commercial scale wood torrefaction facility, located in Quitman, Mississippi.


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